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      Is it ok to have 3D Max Mesh removed if i had a triple neurectomy prior to 2nd surgery?

      Also the sooner the better for removal less complications?

      I had surgery for “Small fat containing left inguinal hernia” in May 2016, I went back to work June 1st noticed alot of pain
      had a MRI done and the results came back as the same thing “Small fat containing left inguinal hernia” in July. I had the 2nd
      operation September 2016 which caused me to lose my job (Involuntary Resigned). The sad thing about all this is the 1st
      surgeron who did the surgery never went over with me any risks or complications of (MESH) as he stated in my operative
      report basically he just told me “I’ll go in place the mesh and you will be good for the rest of your life” It’s been 4 months
      since the surgery and 2nd surgeon stated that the “Mesh was floating and folded allowing the sigmoid colon to become herniated also the mesh was to high.” My complications are worse with headaches everyday, stabbing pain, dysuria, insomnia.

      List of operations i had during the 2nd surgery:

      1. Laprascopic left groin exploration
      2. Removal of left surgical clips prior to varicocelectomy (painful) didn’t know the Dr was going to remove these.
      3. Triple neurectomy nerve trunk
      4. Left spermatic cord scarring and lipoma

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      Mesh Removal/Neurectomy

      Thanks for your post, Steelersfan85,

      Hernia repairs, as with any operation, have their own cadre of potential complications. Sounds like you had a redo hernia repair with mesh and triple neurectomy.

      Though dysuria, insomnia, and headaches may rarely be associated with hernia-related complications, such as mesh infection or even just secondary to chronic pain, I would make sure you are first evaluated for more obvious (non-hernia-related) causes of your symptoms.

      The stabbing pain may be related to your hernia repair or the revisional surgery. More details are necessary to help figure this out for you. Removal of the mesh can be done at any time, if it is necessary. It is not related to whether you had neurectomy.

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