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      Is this a valid argument against non mesh hernia repair
      If you repair inguinal hernia stitching up you are putting more tension on tissue
      And sewing two weak muscles together
      True or not true

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      When the suture repair is done correctly, there is minimal tension.
      On the other hand, remember that mesh will shrink 50%. So in 6 months a mesh repair becomes a tension repair.
      Bill Brown MD

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      One could also argue when a mesh repair is done correctly with a right sizing of a mesh by a skilled hernia specialist who is trained in a tension free mesh repair it can remain tension free or be more tension free than traditional shouldice …
      It is proven that mesh does shrink over time but I think it shrinking to a point of it being a tension repair in 6 month would be in a case of a poorly performed mesh repair.
      The real question is whether do you want to take the chance of a potential complication with mesh, which is far more complicated than chronic pain from a poorly performed tissue repair.

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      – tissue repair is also on more tension than before the repair. You are closing a hole between two potentially weak tissues. There are ways to reduce the tension and muscle does stretch.
      – mesh shrinks 10-25%. ePTFE mesh shrinks 40% and most surgeons don’t use that die inguinal hernias. Yes, if placed loose to allow for that shrinkage, a mesh repair can be without tension with excellent results.

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