Mom had hysterectomy, now hernia issues.

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      Hello all! I am new to these forums and just looking for some help for my mom but first I’ll try and give the best background I can. My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer September 2013 after she told me that most of the time when she tried to stand up she would feel as if she was going to faint and she had a little abdominal pain. I finally convinced her to go to the emergency room which we did. They did a lot of scans and the doctors told us that on the scans of her stomach area there was a mass that had built up in the area and they weren’t sure as to what it was. She ended up staying a couple of days at the hospital during which they did a colonoscopy as well as endoscopy and also took a sample of whatever the mass was for a biopsy. They also told us her CA-125 level was close to 200. A couple days later the doctors were able to confirm it was in fact ovarian cancer. They scheduled her to do one session of chemotherapy every three weeks for 12 months which she completed. She had a full hysterectomy November 2013 and the oncologist recommended that my mom do 12 months of maintenance chemotherapy, one session a month. She completed her maintenance chemotherapy January 2015 and at today’s oncologist appointment we were told that her CA-125 is now around 5. Due to having the hysterectomy she now has a hernia which isn’t bad when she is just sitting around, but when she moves around and especially after she eats she feels pain and there is a big bulge in her stomach after eating. We talked to a general surgeon who said he got the go ahead from the gyne (the doctor who did the hysterectomy) and the oncologist that there are no more sessions of chemotherapy needed she can have the hernia surgery if she wanted to and if it was bothering her. The surgeon went ahead and scheduled her hernia surgery for July. She just doesn’t want it to get any bigger or worse since the doctors said that hernias will not heal themselves. We were told the surgery would consist of them using some kind of “mesh” and we have an appointment one month before the surgery date with the surgeon. She wanted me to ask if anyone is familiar with this type of thing or has gone through this for some advice as to what to expect for a hernia surgery, is it possible it will be worse after surgery? Thanks so much in advance!

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      Mom had hysterectomy, now hernia issues.

      As long as she is done with chemotherapy and any radiation therapy and her nutrition is adequate, she should be a good candidate for hernia repair.

      Perhaps patients on this forum can chime in on their experience after abdominal wall repair with mesh.

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