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      Hi Dr. Towfigh. Quick question is it anatomically possible that a large laparoscopic placed mesh for inguinal hernia repair can damage any of the hip flexor or upper thigh (satorios) muscles, tissues, tendons or ligaments if the mesh should fold or curl up?
      And if possible Which of these structures would be most likely to be affected.
      Also in regards to the above question could the Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve also be affected/damaged.
      thank you

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      Hi Dr, I went through inguinal hernia surgery 1 week ago Dr placed me a bard perfix mesh and plug, size Large. I am 1.72 meters high, 70kgs weight, my hernia was diagnosed about 1 month ago, and I had occasional pain, I am reading about all the mesh complications and I want to know is I can remove the plug/mesh, if it wise to do it?

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