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      I am desperately seeking a good hernia surgeon in Houston, Texas that is able to do a non-mesh repair. I have had issues with mesh before in the past. Are there some hernias that need to have mesh? I’m not really sure how large mine is. I’ve had it since 1996, but in 2017 it started getting larger and for some reason lately, its increasing in size again. Help!

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      That may be difficult to find. I don’t know of any surgeons who specialize in tissue-based repair. Perhaps seek a consultation with a hernia specialist first and then consider traveling outside Texas if you wish for a second opinion.

      You can search this site for keyword, Texas, to see if any show up. Dr. Kent Van Sickle practices in San Antonio.

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      Thank you, Dr. Towfigh. My physical condition makes it very difficult to travel. Does Dr. Sickle do a tissue based repair? Can you tell me why all the surgeons are using mesh now with all the complications with mesh?

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