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      I’m a newly diagnosed hernia patient looking for any advice or ideas anyone out there might have. I am a middle age male in good physical condition who has spent most of my life(and still do) working as a military jet pilot. My hernia became obvious recently, but I suspect that it has been slowly developing for years. I want to get it repaired as soon as possible, as I am medically disqualified to fly until it is fixed. After successful repair I need to still be able to withstand 6-7.5 Gs. I really want to get a repair that will hold up to heavy strain, comparable to weight lifting or football. I’ve researched enough to know there are two general repairs, all tissue and mesh, and for each of those there are a plethora of options with various tradeoffs. My initial research seems to point toward a lightweight mesh endoscopic procedure, but success rate seems highly dependent on surgeon skill and getting past the advertisements is difficult. I live (vaguely) in the SOCAL area and would be willing to travel anywhere from Ventrua to San Diego if I had to. Any suggestions or advice?

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      New diagnosis

      100% agree with your assessment and understanding.

      I’m happy to see you. For other excellent laparoscopic surgeons I also recommend Drs Namir Katkhouda at USC, David Chen at UCLA, Garth Jacobsen at UC San Diego.

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      New diagnosis

      Great choices Dr. Towfigh

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