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      I have been on and off this forum for about a year, never commenting. I will say that I did send my case about a year ago to Dr. Towfigh for review (I have been in severe pain since a laparoscopic myomectomy) and for what it is worth, she was one of the most thorough consultations I have ever encountered. And I have seen many doctors. I also had the fortune of a consult with Dr. David Chen who was compassionate and obviously highly, highly skilled. But Dr. Towfigh communicated via email with me many times and I was really impressed with her thoroughness, her communicative skills, her follow up questions and the time she took to review my situation. In my case it has been almost impossible to get consensus with the myriad of doctors I’ve spoken with, which makes surgery that much more terrifying (especially if surgery caused the initial problems). Still, Dr. Towfigh went beyond even some surgeons I met with personally in office – by a long shot.

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      MSDS says

      Tara, I would like to speak with you concerning your consultations, leave me a note if this is possible. I am a Mesh victim, facing an unavoidable procedure.
      Ty… BoK.

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