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      I need umbilical hernia surgery and would really like to go the non mesh route but am having a hard time find surgeons. I live in Montana. I’m considering Dr. Kevin Petersen is Las Vegas, but am nervous that he states that he uses his own method… Are there experiences with him from anyone on here? or are there any recommended surgeons possibly closer to me?


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      I do not know of anyone in Montana, ID, WY, ND practicing non-mesh repair, but you may have some success in contacting local surgeon offices and asking directly.

      The following is a list of surgeon names on the western USA that have appeared on these forums and on other websites associating with non-mesh hernia repair but it could be on a case-by-case basis, you would likely want to contact them directly and inquire if they perform the non-mesh repair for your type of hernia, and if you are a suitable patient for the procedure.

      – Dr Peter Billing in Seattle, WA

      – Dr Allison Perrin in Seattle, WA

      – Dr Rebecca Petersen in Seattle, WA

      – Dr Andrew Wright in Seattle, WA

      – Dr Paul Dally in Vancouver, WA

      – Dr Robert Martindale in Portland, OR

      – Dr Michael Mastrangelo in Bend, OR

      – Dr William Brown in Fremont, CA

      – Dr Shirin Towfigh in Los Angeles, CA

      – Dr David Chen in Los Angeles, CA

      – Dr Edward Phillips in Los Angeles, CA

      – Dr Robert Burns in Newport Beach, CA

      – Dr Kevin Petersen in Las Vegas, NV

      – Dr Zafar Parvez in Gallup, NM

      Shouldice Clinic in Toronto Canada is perhaps the most famous globally for non-mesh repair of hernia, and if you are traveling anyway it may be worth a consideration.

      A handful of others found elsewhere in the eastern USA are:

      – Dr Brian Jacobs in New York, NY

      – Dr Samer Sbayi in Long Island, NY

      – Dr William Meyers in Philadelphia, PA

      – Dr David Grischkan in Cleveland, Ohio

      – Dr Paul Szotek in Indianapolis, IN

      – Dr Bruce Ramshaw in Knoxville, TN

      – Dr Jonathan Yunis in Sarasota, FL

      – Dr Robert Tomas in Fort Meyers, FL

      Hopefully this list is a helpful starting point for you.

      Good luck. Keep us updated on your decisions and progress.

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