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  • Overlapping surgeries to face US Senate inquiry

    Posted by Beenthere on January 9, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    This should be of interest to all on this site. Following my surgery the Dr. could not answer any questions regarding my surgery. Another Dr. stated that he was aware of fellow surgeons and departments at the same hospital. I refer to this as ghost surgery.

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  • Beenthere

    January 23, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    Overlapping surgeries to face US Senate inquiry

    I guess I should expand and explain this to the forum. This should be a major concern of everyone that is going under the knive.

    Here how it goes. As a patient you go see a surgeon and lets say it is one of the recommended surgeons on this forum. You really like the Dr and agree to have the surgery by this expert hernia surgeon and agree on treatment including this surgeon will perform the entire surgery. On the day of the surgery you meet your expert surgeon and they state they will see you after the surgery but once you are out the surgeon that you signed the informed consent with and stated they were going to perform your surgery leaves your operating room and disappears and does not perform any part of your surgery. In recovery your surgeon comes in and tells you what the resident, intern, fellow or other surgeon has told them about your surgery. Most of the time it works out but things happen and than you suffer and are told things happen, sometimes surgeries go wrong and we will now try to fix it. Your life has now changed, maybe the outcome would have been the same but a resident who has never done this type of surgery is on there own with a sharp weapon in there inexperienced hands cutting into you instead of the expert you signed up for. This is not noted in your Op Report and is billed as the original surgeon so you have no idea. Them’s the breaks and you get to live with it. The surgeon gets paid and wipes his hands of it.

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