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      After an abalation and tubal last year, I developed a sharp, unrelenting pain in my lower right side, near where the c-section area is. The pain seemed to be monthly and last 2-3 days then go away. My Dr put me birth control to see if we could regulate the cycle. It did not help. In February the pain came back and never stopped. Nothing relieved it. I was nautious too. I even took a pregnancy test. My Dr said it must be the uterus and possibly the right ovary. I had a a hyterecomy in March. He only took the uterus because the ovary looked good.
      3 weeks after the surgery, the same pain is there. It is constant. I am newly married and had an uneccesary hysterecomy.

      I have recently gone to a local surgeon that specializes in hernias. He cannot feel a hernia. The CAT scan did not show anything. He said he could do a hernia procedure but couldn’t guarantee that it would help.

      I don’t know where to go from here. I came accross an article about you and the story sounded a lot like me. I live in SW Florida. Do you know of anyone down here that can help? Tampa and MIami are not far from me.

      Thank you

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      Pain in lower right abdomin

      Some facts:
      – CT scans are not very sensitive in finding small hernias in the pelvis. If the clinical suspicion for a groin hernia exists, and Cat is normal, a dynamic ultrasound and/or MRI is necessary.
      Read this article to help clarify:

      -pain can present with nausea. So perhaps your nausea is due to the hernia pain. I do see this often.

      – there are a lot of very good to excellent hernia specialists in Florida, especially South Florida. Please go to the American Hernia Society website and click on Find a Hernia Specialist to find one near you.

      – hernia specialists in Florida who are nationally recognized and who I personally know and can vouch for:

      Bruce Ramshaw
      Eduardo Parra-Davila
      Jerrold Young
      David Edelman

      Please provide us with a followup. And if it turns out that you had a hysterectomy for naught, please make sure your gynecologist is made aware of your diagnosis.

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