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      I am a 54 year old woman from India who has experienced constant pain in my left flank ( lower abdomen) which radiates to my groin and back. I experienced this for the first time in October 12 after which I was treated for IBS. I had a CT abdomen which didn’t reveal anything. The pain went away but reappeared in Feb of this year and hasn’t left me since. It is not debilitating but is affecting the quality of my life. Since May I feel pain in my left leg from the buttock onwards to my toes, the most pronounced in my thigh, usually in the inner thigh. I have had a battery of tests— colonoscopy, MRI spine, several abdomen ultrasounds. I still get my period though it is erratic. I have small fibroids in my uterus. I have been told my pain could be because of my fibroids or menstrual pain, but this pain is different. It is constant— really frustrates me. When I read your article on hidden hernias I knew I had to get myself checked from a hernia specialist. The doctor I saw didn’t find any reducible swelling—- no protrusions. I have been asked to get a MRI done of the abdomen and the pelvis.

      Do women with hidden hernias get pain in the leg, which mimics sciatica pain? My MRI spine was fine—- I have age related lumbar disc issues but nothing really to warrant the leg pain I experience. I live in New Delhi India. Look to any advice from you. Thanks, Sarina Paranjape

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      Pain in thigh radiating through left leg too

      Hernia-related pain can radiate from groin toward flank, hip, lower back, and front of thigh. Never behind the thigh or leg and never below the knee. Such symptoms are either from spine, or very possibly from a hip problem, such as a tear. I would evaluate your hip.

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