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      In the past 5 years I have had 6 perineal hernia repairs. The most recent surgery (11/15) was the first to use hybrid mesh. My surgeon has never wanted to use plastic in me due to higher risk of infection than with biological mesh. My tissues are so damaged from radiation that I do not grow enough new and the biological tissue dissolved and left me with a hernia again. Three of my surgeries have also involved a plastic surgeon. The most recent repair has basically been infected for the past 6 months. I am in pain and seeing a wound dr as well as an infectious disease Doctor. I am extremely frustrated!

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      Perineal hernia

      So sorry to hear. You do have a very difficult problem. Sounds like your surgeons re doing their best. Make sure you also reduce any risk factors you may have to recur from these perineal hernia repairs:
      – maintain excellent nutrition
      – be as close to normal weight as possible
      – prevent all constipation
      – prevent coughing
      – prevent lifting
      – no prolonged standing
      – exercise

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