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      Brother pinto..thanks for all your great input here…I continue to believe that Dr Kang is the best hernia surgeon in the world…and certainly the nicest. But you had a quick recurrance from your hernia….which Dr kang fixed……I have spoken with several surgeons who said Kang’s techinique is flawed and will result in recurrances…Dr Twofigh says he is doing a marcy which will only work in kids…but several mesh surgeons i talked to completely wrote off Kang and said he is likely fabricating his statistics….Grishkan said the same…I dont think any of these doctors can be trusted but do you think the Kang repair is a solid repair for most types of hernias/ I have heard you say you really didnt have any pain but others have posted the repair was initially quite painful. Recurrant hernias are supposed to be quite difficult to repair but it seems you had an easy experience….care to comment at all?

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      Chuck, as you well know I am a proponent of Dr. Kang’s. I am also not a surgeon and with little medical knowledge. However, I trust him. When he showed me his data on his computer screen and explained it, I accepted it simply on human trust authentically felt. I have also pointed out at HT that there is almost no independent data anywhere. Ultimately all comes down to the matter of trust. I have that for Kang. Pain–I can say with Kang it is relatively painless, incl. post-op. Also you get the services of Stephen, who becomes your advocate and trusted companion during the stay. The hospital appears world-class and spanking new, specialized for hernia (and good food). You have been through hell and likely gun-shy about decisions. Consult however much you can through Stephen. If their prognosis is likely success, then go for it.

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