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      I came to this site from endless searching and coming across Dr Towfigh’s work. My daughter is 22 and has been in chronic pain for 3 years and has had endless specialists convinced they know what’s wrong, only for nothing to ever work. Physio, pain management, drugs, even counselling because “it might be imagined”

      In December she had an ultrasound which showed a left side inguinal hernia. The change in my daughters outlook was immediate – finally she had a diagnosis. She went from depressed and withdrawn back to her usual self.

      We are in the UK so she was referred for hernia surgery on the NHS but it’s low priority and she may not be seen for a very long time. So we decided to pay for her to have the operation done privately.

      And now we have an unexpected problem that has plunged her right back to square one – two private hernia specialists don’t want to operate because they don’t believe she has a hernia because they can’t feel it. The ultrasound they say is “user dependant” and even if it’s accurate the report only indicates a very small hernia – they don’t believe something so small could cause any kind of real pain. I took in some of Dr Towfigh’s information and they only skim glanced it.

      So my very frustrated question is – do any of the administrators of this site know of any UK specialists who are sympathetic to hidden hernias in women or are familiar with the work Dr Towfigh has done?

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      Please help…. at wits end

      Sorry to hear about your daughter. It is very frustrating and I have a friend who’s grandmother was not given treatment in the UK because of her age. After my first hernia surgery I went through what your daughter has gone through.

      I have had 3 different hernias. The first one no pain at the start and than a month later some slight pain on and off. The second a lot of pain and no bulge or was never found by a doctor doing an exam and the third that sounds like your daughters was very small found by a CT scan and at times very painful and one surgeon said he could not find it and it might not be a hernia. When I did have the second surgery done it was a small hernia.

      Hang in there, it sometimes can be a very frustrating journey. If you have the income take a medical vacation to the states. California, Florida, Tennessee and Philly have some of the best hernia doctors around and great places to visit. Dr Towfigh seems to know more about female hernias than most other surgeons and other hernia doctors.

      Good luck

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      Please help…. at wits end

      Where do you live? Dr. Andrew Kingsnorth in Plymouth can be of help.

      By the way, my publication confirms that Ultrasound that shows an inguinal hernia is 100% correct. If it doesn’s show an inguinal hernia, that is 50% correct, and it misses about 1/2 the hernias. So keep trying to find a surgeon.

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