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      Hi everyone,
      I have had pelvic pain for four years on my left side called “pelvic tension myalsia” extends to my hip and back. I’ve gotten multiple back injections to see if they helped and also botox injection through the vaginal wall. Recently my left side began to hurt tremendously in a pinpointed place and I thought it may be a hernia – a cat scan was ordered but nothing showed up. I was then referred to a GI dr, I do have terrible constipation (I have had IBS since I was young) and nothing came up there so far. Still not able to function, sitting is very painful when it’s too long. I’ve been given pain killers, which I cannot take because I can’t go to the bathroom! Has anyone had any similar circumstances that has turned out to be a hernia?

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      This sounds highly concerning for an inguinal hernia. What is pelvic tension myalgia, anyway? Please see a hernia specialist or a general surgeon to get evaluated. You need not suffer so.

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