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      My doc thinks I could have a hernia on my right abdominal even though my ultrasound was normal. (Ultrasound technician didn’t have me standing, coughing, or doing anything that would cause my pain.) I think it seems like I could have a Spigelian hernia. Between the ab muscles. Have had for 6 months & I’ve been told my primary that it’s the tendon that is taking a while to heal. I can’t exercise except to walk. Bending over is the most aggravating. What should I do? Surgeon won’t see me without a positive image.

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      Possible Hernia; Ultrasound Normal

      I have the same problem, been suffering for 2 years and all scans always come back clear. Its even cost me a testicle through misdiagnosis (see my pevious post i made a few days ago).

      I was getting desperate and visited a hernia specialist who examined me and said I have a hernia. I got a second opinion at the same place last week and the other doctor says also says he feels a hernia. All my scans are completely fine and they want to do a laparoscopic exploration to see whats goin on and repair any hernias at the time. If your doctor wont refer you then I recommend paying privately to see a hernia specialist or consultant general surgeon. Im in the UK and u have no hope of getting much health service here. They have no money and will try to fob you off.



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      Possible Hernia; Ultrasound Normal

      Ultrasound being negative, especially if performed without any maneuvers, has a very high false negative rate. Repeat ultrasound with valsalva or CT with valsalva or MRI pelvis should help.

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      I didn’t get a notification about your response Dr Towfigh. Thank you!

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      I’d go back and see the hernia specialist and your GP should authorise this OK especially as you have pain and need a stress ultrasound – please make sure a musculoskeletal radiologist undertakes the scan

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      Ok, so I got in to see a General Surgeon. He gave me a physical exam & said he didn’t feel a bulge but wants me to have a CT to check for a Hernia. The rx he wrote for the CT is with contrast but it’s not with Valsalva or dynamic. Dr. Towfigh, you said it should be with Valsalva- but how do I get my surgeon to order it that way? They don’t like it when us laypeople tell them how to do things. My primary doctor may write it up for me if the surgeon won’t. I would have to check. So, will the non-valsalva CT with contrast be sufficient or do I push for it with Valsalva?

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      Good news! I spoke to the CT center and they automatically perform Valsalva maneuvers when checking for hernias. Yay!!

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