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      Hi there. I have what I think may be a hernia. I have a hard, painful band that feels like rope in my abdomen. It is about an inch left of my abdomen and extends from about the pubic area so approx. 3 inches below bellybutton and two inches to the left. I think it goes up to just short of the sternum. So Approximately 5 or 6 inches long. I’m thinking it is about the same line as the psoas. I had a muscular problem with that muscle that was causing back pain about 7 weeks ago. Just over 5 weeks ago I was involved in a motor vehicle accident when another person ran a red light and we collided. I was wearing a seat belt. I had bruises/contusions to both sides of the pelvis. I had a chest injury. X rays showed nothing after the first week, but as I still had pain after 3 weeks (it hurt to cough and even to hiccup) and was due to fly overseas four weeks after the incident my doctor sent me for a Ct scan of the chest (as a diaphragmatic hernia would not be conducive to flying). I have a rib fracture to the 6th rib 5 weeks and 5 days old but nothing else came up in the chest scan. I noticed this pain and band about 3 days ago and it has not subsided. I have come off the pain medication for the rib break in the last week.It is Saturday and I’m currently in Germany. So far if it is not an emergency and I can go to a doctor on Tuesday but I am due to fly to Australia in the new year and am concerned about flying. Over 40, consider myself reasonably fit but have been inactive and on codeine since the accident. – worried …

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      Possible hernia – worried

      A picture would be very helpful at this stage, as the area you are explaining seem not to be consistent with areas for a hernia. I wonder if you had a seatbelt injury that bled or caused swelling in the area due to soft tissue injury.

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