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      Dave Graham

      I am researching for an inguinal hernia repair, and wondering which type of surgery is preferred. I’ve seen some evidence that ‘open’ seems to be slightly preferred by surgeons and patients. Is that the majority opinion at this point? Personally, I will probably have the open procedure, for a couple of reasons, including the avoidance of general anesthesia. I’m aware that general anesthesia is “perfectly safe”- so was sailing on the Titanic. Anybody here have any info on this point? Thanks.

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      Preferred type of surgery?

      There is no one best hernia repair. You are right to figure that out. The repair should be based on your needs.

      Pros of open:
      – can be done under sedation without general anesthesia
      – may be cosmetically a better scar
      – non-mesh alternatives available
      – low recurrence of done by an expert

      Pros of lap:
      – less chronic pain risk
      – shorter recovery time
      – lower recurrence if done by an expert
      – best for bilateral inguinal hernias
      – lower infection risk

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      Preferred type of surgery?

      If mesh problems occur, is it easier to get the mesh out after an “open” or “lap” procedure?

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      Preferred type of surgery?

      Neither. Both are equally challenging.
      Depends on how the mesh was implanted. In my practice I remove the mesh based on how it was placed, i.e., lap vs open.

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