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      As many people are aware, I had a laporascopic mesh femoral hernia repair done 3 weeks ago. Mine got incarcerated and was causing serious swelling and pain and I had to make a faster decision then I was prepared to make. I have a daughter suffering from many serious health issues – so it was not easy to investigate as much as I wanted to.

      I turned to this forum for better answers. I do feel there are members that have offered sound advise regarding their surgeries. But I am regretful for taking the contributing surgeons views that laporascopic mesh is the best choice for femoral hernia repairs. I had 5 hour surgery for major prolapses 4 years ago and did not feel that was half as invasive as this surgery was. My stomach does not feel right – I feel the 3 small incisions incurred damage to my intestinal area. I have never had stomach problems in my life – but often experience nausea and gurgling and discomfort all around my stomach area. And as far as the mesh goes- I feel strange slightly painful sensations going down to my knees, and tightness on my whole right side – my intestines seem to be kinked up. Two days ago I twisted in the car to get something and I had terrible pain for ten minutes as if my intestines got twisted or caught on something. Very disturbing. I have a throbbing ache around where the hernia was – likely from the seroma. I never got headaches – but experience very bad ones many times since surgery. I can only say that I just dont feel right. And I never experienced this with my last surgery. I would never recommend laparoscopic to anyone.

      Being slim, I feel that I may have had a better chance of surgery without mesh – even with a femoral hernia. My surgeon said my hernia was a small one after my operation.

      Now that I have the mesh in, I know I am stuck with it and any chance of repairing it without mesh is passed. I am highly regretful of not trying to do it without mesh the first time. I wish I had been given the advise to try SN open surgery without mesh with an experienced surgeon the first try.

      I am writing this to those of you who are considering how to get yours done. In my experience – open surgery is best – and if you find the option – go without mesh. I wish I was given this advise. You’re most important decision is who your surgeon will be – but try to seek one who does not use mesh.

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      Re: mesh or no mesh surgery

      Your experience is very important, as is the information that you share.

      But to provide balance to your statements: femoral hernia repair without mesh can be very very painful and has a much higher recurrence rate, requiring even more surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is the gold standard for femoral hernia repair, and that includes mesh, because the outcomes (pain and recurrence) are so poor with non-mesh options and also with the open option.

      You have the fortune of not having had the open non-mesh femoral hernia repair, and perhaps now the grass seems greener at this point. I am here to attest to you that it is not. Be confident that you had the best option for repair, with the lowest risk for pain and complications. I would practically never offer a non-mesh repair for a femoral hernia. Been there, done that, won’t go back to it.

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      Re: mesh or no mesh surgery

      seeker, just to offer a few words of encouragement here: surgery is tough on the body and it can take a while to recover from regardless of the type. Give your body time to heal and to feel better, keeping in mind that everyone recovers at a different rate.

      Do your best to eat as healthy as possible, lots of vegetables and lean proteins, and move and walk as much as you can tolerate.

      Out of curiosity, is the primary hernia pain you had relieved now?

      Thanks for continuing to update on your story and your progress, please continue to do so, it can be valuable information for other patients.

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      Re: mesh or no mesh surgery

      Dr Towfigh – I guess I’m just lamenting the fact that I got the femoral hernia in the first place – with no great options for repair. I really do not like this feeling of mesh in me. But I appreciate your pointing out why I should feel more fortunate.

      Chauncey – Thank you for your positive spin. I never noticed my hernia was there 99% of the time. In the 2 months preceding my operation – I did have four questionable moments (with the fourth being the most serious and painful one) where the hernia got bigger and made me lay down until the pain subsided. Looking back – as my hernia was incarcerated – I am lucky it did not strangulate. I never thought it was a femoral hernia until I finally sought a surgeon who made that diagnosis.

      As far as the hernia pain being relieved – I now feel something where my hernia was all of the time and have strange sensations radiating all over my stomach and down my leg. It just feels strange. Before, I honestly felt nothing there other then the four painful times I had just prior to surgery. Knowing now that a femoral hernia is a more dangerous one, I will need to count my blessings.

      I eat amazingly well. No wheat, no dairy, no caffeine, no sugar, …..and I really enjoy my food options – we live smack in the middle of so many organic farms. I walked 2-3 or more miles a day for 2 weeks as soon as I was able to after surgery – but my daughter has gotten increasingly sick this past week and a half – and I have had to neglect exercise to help her. Maybe this has not helped with recovery.

      I found your posting very uplifting – thank you for reaching out.

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      Re: mesh or no mesh surgery

      Hi sue
      I am sorry you are having a difficult time with this and your daughters health. I pray both will be better soon.

      Please don’t doubt the decision that you made as I know you spent a lot of time investigating and researching. Dr Towfigh had stayed in this board that laporoscopic and mesh was the gold standard.

      I had the same surgery plus and incisional ventral hernia under the belly button along with removing abdominal and pelvic adhesions. It has taken its toll on me but am still hopeful it will heal correctly. I had mine done a week before yours and I guess we both have to give it more time.

      I also have a considerable sized seroma that developed by my belly button causing pan and swelling. I know that will
      Take even longer to resolve.

      Neither one of us needed or wanted these incarcerated femoral Hernias but had to take care of them the only way that made sense… They don’t get better on their own.

      In my case I had debilitating pain all summer and once I finally got a diagnosis I couldn’t wait to have surgery. I still don’t regret doing it I am just drained by the recovery if it.

      I wish you well. Please keep us updated and stay positive. It will get better. I hope your daughter is doing better.

      All the best

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      Re: mesh or no mesh surgery


      Thank you for reaching out and offering me a positive frame of mind. I so wish I could private message you somehow. Sensing from your postings that you have had a tougher go of it with recovery makes me feel badly about me voicing my concerns. A positive frame of mind is so important in recovery. Perhaps it is the strain of addressing my daughter’s serious health concerns that are making my recovery a more difficult one then it would have been.

      I do appreciate your constant reaching out to set me straight. I am truly grateful always to hear from you.


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      Re: mesh or no mesh surgery


      During my surgery about 5 years ago when I had surgery to resolve the pain and tightness after my IH surgery they found an diagnosed Femoral hernia and fixed it with mesh. I have had no issues at all and I am not a fan of mesh.

      Good luck in your recovery.

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