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      It’s been 2 weeks since my open Inguinal non-mesh hernia repair and the pain has subsided except for getting in and out of bed, specifically having to lift my leg up and use my abdominal muscles to make the movement. This is still quite painful.

      Is this normal for recovery? I read a lot about nerve pain et cetera and worried about suffering that type of post surgery complication. How long does recovery take for the incision and abdominal muscles to heal?

      Any advice would be appreciated.

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      Where did you get a non-mesh repair done? Do you mind sharing the name of the surgeon?

      Often you hear 3-6 weeks for healing time with a hernia repair, but you should contact the doctor if you are concerned.

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      Non-mesh tissue repair typically has a longer recovery time than mesh repair. If symptoms are severe after 2 weeks, this should be evaluated to make sure it is as expected by your surgeon. I also recommend a re-evaluation at 6 weeks and 3 months if symptoms persist.

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