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      Hello Dr Towfigh

      Do you fix enteroceles? Pouch of Douglas Hernias?

      I have a mid and lateral enterocele. I have had several surgeries prior to them figuring this out.
      I also have an umbiblical hernia and tear in the perineum.

      I had an MRI defography I was not sure if I attached it if it became public so I did not?
      If you want it to view I can attach.

      Because of the surgeries I have had the doctors feel laparoscopic would be best if I can find someone that does this

      Thank you

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      rectoceles/pouch of douglas hernia

      Enteroceles are pelvic floor laxities and/or defects that are best approached by a colorectal surgeon who specializes in this type of operation.

      I would search for colorectal surgeons (MD’s with FASCRS or FRCSC) skilled at laparoscopic/robotic surgery who also perform pelvic floor surgery. Some sites that may provide guidance include or

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