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      Hi all,

      im writing from the UK and would appreciate your expert advice please.

      I had open inguinal mesh surgery in February this year and after six to eight weeks I was able to start running again combined with strength and conditioning of my abdominal muscles. Everything has been going great until a few days ago I became quite constipated. Unfortunately I pushed a little while I was on the toilet and felt a small “internal bulge” sensation in the area of the repair. Since I have had mild discomfort and possible swelling along with general tenderness in the area. I never originally had much of a lump and that doesn’t appear to be any different now, but I am getting some strange internal sensations when I bend or crouch.

      Is it possible that I have damaged the scar tissue (hoping) and simple rest will resolve it or is it consistent with a further rupture / hernia?

      Thanks in advance

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      First, constipation is a risk factor for hernia exacerbation. So… patients should prevent constipation and straining at all times.

      Whether the straining you had at one time resulted in a hernia recurrence is unknown unless a) you have imaging and/or b) you wait to see if you develop a bulging or recurrence of your prior hernia symptoms. I do not recommend jumping the gun too early, as most patients do not get a hernia recurrence from one episode of straining. Any symptoms they may have may be related to muscle strain and pulling of sutures, etc., and time heals that aspect without any need for intervention.

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