Relationship of abdominal pain before and after BM and hernias

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      This is my last question on this forum for the Doctors: I would like to know what is the relationship between pain in the lower abdomen before and after a BM and having a hernia (inguinal or femoral since those two seem to be hard to tell apart sometimes) and the relationship of lower abdominal pain before and after a bowel movement and a sports hernia or muscle strain. Is that type of pain always indicative of a real hernia and not the other two possible conditions?

      Would the pain before and after a BM for real hernias be located low by the inguinal canal or femoral canal for those types of hernias or would be be in the low abdomen below or near the ovary? I would of coarse be the most worried about the femoral hernia situation since those are the most dangerous ones, and for now I don’t have a definite definite answer to my health situation. Thank you in advance.

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      Some patients with inguinal hernias have hernia-related pain before a bowel movement. I think it is based on the volume that the bowel movement is taking in the pelvis, pushing or pressing on content into the inguinal canal. I do not hear about such symptoms as much from patients with groin strain.

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