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      Hi all,

      I live in Brazil, did two surgeries for inguinal hernia and put on johnson polypropylene mesh.

      the first surgery in 2014 (left side) the second in 2017 (right side), we have 2 polypropylene screens on both sides of the inguinal region.

      in 2018 the symptoms started, chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog (worst symptom), burning, numbness, paresthesias.

      I did several tests for diseases and autoimmune diseases, no positive results, I don’t have multiple sclerosis, I don’t have lupus or any other autoimmune disease.

      i believe i have asia syndrome, due to the foreign body.

      as i live in brazil, i have no financial conditions to fly to the usa to operate with the best.

      the Brazilian doctor I chose will remove the meshes due to robotic surgery, as it was placed like that, he does not intend to touch any nerve, just remove the mesh and close it.

      I am very afraid that during surgery I need to cut some nerve so that the mesh can come out and I have an erection problem.

      all the doctors I consulted, even urologists, reported that even if the nerve damage did not trigger an erection problem, my surgery would be today, but it was postponed due to the covid 19.

      I have to try to withdraw because the way it is, I have no life.

      I would like to take doubts regarding a possible sequel of erectile dysfunction.

      I don’t feel any pain in the region.


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      There is a good chance if the mesh is removed, that your autoimmune problems will improve.
      As a general rule, most patients have 80% improvement after mesh removal.
      Sexual function should not be affected by the operation.
      Bill Brown MD

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      thank you doctor brown.

      is there any possibility that a necessary neurectomy, some nerve (ilioinguinal, iliohipogastrico or genitofemural) could affect the erection?


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      1. In my experience, ASIA syndrome and mesh reactions tend to occur early, ie, weeks to months after surgery, not late (years. That said, this remains a poorly understood problem. Note that the syndrome involves multiple systemic reactions, not just brain fog.
      2. Regardless, with regard to robotic mesh removal, the only nerves that can be injured are the genitofemoral and lateral femorocutaneous. Neither affect erection. And in general, sacral nerves contribute to erection, and no sacral nerves are at risk with any hernia repair or revision.

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      Not trying to be cute or funny, but if removing mesh solved a problem
      Getting an erection or not would be the least of my concerns
      Hope it works out for u

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      @drtowfigh thank you very much for your attention.

      in my case I feel other symptoms, not only the brain fog, I feel body pain, fatigue, spasms, burning and numbness.

      I will perform the surgery in Brazil by robotics.

      I am confident but very scared, I believe it can improve.

      would you have any advice that i can inform my surgeon?

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      Scott my friend.

      I am 28 years old, I am young, so being without erection at that age for me there is no life, so I worry a lot about this problem.

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      Make sure they remove ALL the mesh. Many surgeons leave mesh over dangerous areas (eg, Major vessels). To truly address ASIA syndrome, all the mesh must be removed. If they are too afraid to take off some mesh, then they should have a surgeon do it who feels more comfortable with the anatomy and operation.

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      We will have some answers to autoimmune responses and possibility of ASIA syndrome soon enough. My study Tackomesh is investigating patients after hernia repair by measuring the presence of at least 20-30 autoimmune markers or not from blood samples already taken before and at certain time points after surgery. Surgery involves mesh implantation. So watch this space
      And I concur with my colleagues that you will not have a problem with erectile dysfunction, those nerves are very deep indeed.

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