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  • Reoccurring non-mesh hernia and Failed Mesh Hernia

    Posted by myolddawg on August 14, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    Hello all,
    My husband is not internet active – well he is but not on forums. His CT Scan that we just received indicates a large left hernia with part of his sigmoid colon pushing through without inflammation or obstruction. He had this repaired two yrs ago with lap ethicon mesh – of course the mesh is not seen in the scan – so it is not mentioned. His pain there was bad (sharp hot coal being placed in his side). That pain now is very infrequent i.e. once a month only with exertion. His complaint and frequent pain – multiple times a day is the right hernia. CT Scan indicates medium size hernia. Both are inguinal. We need to get the right side repaired for sure – as it is causing major discomfort. He had hernia repair on the right as a child. Obvously mesh wasn’t around back then (he is 70) so obviously it was done open – he has the scar. We had a phone consult with the hernia center in Sarasota florida – we are in Northern florida. This doctor does Shouldice. He said he would first tackle the right side with 3D bard mesh since it is a reoccurring hernia. He said that if we wanted Shouldice he would do it but it has a high chance of reoccurrence since the hernia had failed once before. He did not mention what he would do for the left side. We were at the Shouldice Hospital last year for the left side and they were the ones that said he had a right hernia. They do not do left hernia removal. They also required my husband lose 30 lbs. He is extremely tall and I can tell you he will not lose that much weight. We don’t want mesh in him. The failed/recalled mesh on the left side has not made mesh favorable in our eyes, plus too many horror stories. I believe the reason my husband has hernia issues – is because he was extremely athletic when young, lots of injuries – coupled with his horrific allergies – drainage with severe coughing. We are seeing an allergist tomorrow to review immunotherapy but of course that takes a while and doesn’t help all folks. He really needs to get the right hernia repaired at this point but I am not sure if there are other non-mesh procedures that would work for him. We are willing to travel a reasonable distance to a doctor and have excellent health insurance. Any input is greatly appreciated from all.
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    drtowfigh replied 6 years, 11 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • drtowfigh

    August 15, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    Thanks for your post.

    – if the mesh is not mentioned on CT scan, that does not necessarily imply it cannot be seen. Most mesh are visible on CT scan. This is the reason why I read the images myself, as radiologists may not be familiar with normal and abnormal findings related to mesh hernia repairs.
    – the Ethicon mesh for laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair has not been recalled.
    – recurrent inguinal hernias are best repaired with mesh, otherwise the recurrence is very high and after recurrence. That said, if the hernia was repaired when your husband was a child (not a teenager), then it is plausible to seek a non-mesh repair, as many of us do not consider that type of recurrence similar to a recurrence of an adulthood repair. That said, the recurrence may still be higher than a non-mesh repair and you and your surgeon should have an understanding of the risks and benefits of each repair before embarking on surgery.
    – strongly urge against any further hernia repair until all risk factors for failure are addressed. In your husband’s situation, the coughing due to postnasal drip must be cured.

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