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      Have a friend that had an inguinal hernia repaired
      In 1970 no mesh just suture or stitched together
      No shouldice no desarda, no mesh technique
      He never had a problem I live in A town of 4500
      It was just a good ole country doctor that did the repair
      Why can’t things be that simple any more

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      I think for some hernias it could just be fine…for some others not if the tissue is too compromised. But this is what many are saying here including doctors: there should be a tailored approach rather than one fixes them all ie mesh. The number of cases is also a problem

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      Back in the old days there were no choices, just pure tissue repair
      Seems like it worked then for plenty of folks

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      I agree. The pure tissue repairs offer excellent results without the complications of mesh. There are multiple techniques that can be tailored to the individual needs.
      Bill Brown MD

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      The problem, Scott, is that then came industry. We have 2 types of inguinal hernias, direct and indirect. It’s my conviction that an indirect hernia could be treated just by sac ligation. You risk missing a direct hernia (10% according to Shouldice statistics) or may have a recurrence that can happen in years or decades, if ever. For direct hernia, I think you need a full tissue repair, like Shouldice, Desarda, or other (that will work for indirect, too). So most hernias could be treated in a very simple way before industry came.

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