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      Hi friends.

      I will do a mesh removal, by Robotics and everyone knows that there may be nerve damage and possible neurectomy.

      I would like to know reports of people who have had a neurectomy, if there are positive cases, of people who can live comes after a neurectomy, because here I only see reports of horror stories when the subject is neurectomy, I would like to know if all the cases are really like this , or if there are positive and happy stories, as narrated in some cases in the medical literature.

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      After neurectomy 80% of the patients are 80% better.
      Depending on the level of the neurectomy, there can be some muscle weakness.
      There is should be no effect on sexual function.
      Bill Brown MD

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      Try to avoid neurectomies at all cost…unfortunately for me my UCLA surgeon cut my nerves when I wasnt even having pain..meshoma was my problem not pain…and if you have pain you can treat that and nerves heal but once you cut the connection from the spinal cord and now you will lose everything that nerve does…once you cut theres no going back….I had neurectomies and my life is a nightmare…weakness gets worse and your hip and pelvic floor and back will pay the price..groin surgery in itself is pretty invasive …you at least want your nerves there to help with recovery and to give you function

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      I believe neurectomy should be performed judiciously and only if absolutely necessary.

      For open inguinal hernias, many believe in the triple neurectomy. I believe in selective neurectomy and that is my practice.

      Fortunately for robotic or laparoscopic mesh removal, neurectomy is almost never required. If it is, it’s usually limited only to the genitofemoral Nerve.

      My results are 80% are cured or significantly better after mesh removal and/or neurectomy. The other 20% require further treatment or there is a non hernia related cause of their problem.

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