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      I have been experiencing right side pelvic pain for many years. After reading Dr. Towfigh’s articles it sounds like it might be a hernia.

      My symptoms are:

      Pain/achiness in the right groin. Sometimes sharp.
      Pain seems to be aggravated by UTI’s.
      Feels like a “fist” is in my pelvic area (sorry don’t know how else to describe it)
      Pain increases with standing/sitting/moving – best when lying flat
      Pain seems to go down leg to foot. Leg and foot sensitive to touch; sometimes a sheet on my toes hurts.
      Lower right side back pain/ache

      Uro/Gyno doctor says everything appears fine. Help!

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      Right Side Pelvic Pain

      Pain below the knee is never hernia related.

      Did you look into sacroiliac joint disease or sacroiliitis?

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