Should I be thinking about surgery?

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      I was at the gym last week and I was on the leg press machine. I think I went too far down and put pressure on my stomach when I got a hernia.

      For a second I saw a bulge on my far left side at the very end of my rib cage. I just saw it pop out and immediately go back in. I got off the machine and although I felt some pain in that area the next week or so, it does seem to be healing fine on it’s own.

      I don’t have much pain but if I touch the spot it does hurt (less pain each day).

      Should I be thinking about surgery to stitch up the muscles? It’s been a week and it seems to be healing fine on it’s own. Not sure what to do in this situation. I’m currently in a foreign country and am learning the language, so it’s a bit difficult to find a physician or talk with him. What’s the general medical consensus on an issue like this?

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      Should I be thinking about surgery?

      It’s very very rare to have a hernia by the ribs. If you have one, it’s called a Spigian hernia. As with most hernias, they should be repaired if they are causing pain. Otherwise, those can be watched and no activity restrictions are necessary.

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