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      I stumbled on this article

      Why is AI adoption in health care lagging?

      which points at the slow adoption of AI in the US healthcare system…

      One excerpt suggests that AI could “replace” radiologists, which would have a huge impact for the patients in terms of speed, costs and allegedly quality (better)…

      As it has been mentioned over and over again, having a good diagnostic seems to be a problem when it comes to hernias; hopefully this problem will eventually go away when AI is more widely adopted….

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      Mike M

      I think you’re always going to have some sort of doctor check the results regardless for liability reasons.

      However what would be interesting is AI interpreting a scan for hernias and suggesting the best possible repair method based on the damage and anatomy in the scan. Add probabilty and stats for things like pain and recurrence.

      Maybe it could also recommend new and safer adjusted methods of repair.

      I could see it turn into something amazing.

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