Dr. Towfigh-Small incisional umbilical hernia – Reasonable to try no-mesh first?

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      Hi Dr. Towfigh,

      I had laparoscopic surgery for pudendal nerve release 6 weeks ago. I’ve discovered that I have a 0.8 cm incisional hernia at the umbilical trochar site. It’s been there since at least 1 week post-op (I had a CT done at the time for bowel issues).

      Is it still reasonable to try tissue repair without mesh? My local surgeon is leaning towards mesh because it’s incisional but is not 100% decided.

      I’m a thin, generally healthy 41 yo male without major health problems otherwise and I really want to be able to return to moderate weight training.


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      Mike M

      I had mine done the same time as my direct inguinal hernia repair. No issues. The only option that was “highly” recommended was using perma sutures vs. absorb.

      My umbilical hernia was 1cm. It was a joke compared to the direct inguinal hernia. Pain was never present at that location before, during, or after the procedure. I woke up during the operation when they were wrapping that part up.

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      It’s no thing bro! Our bodies take a year no matter what any surgery and Pudenal nerve is sketchy so just get through that. Take it they went through the belly button so outs swollen and still healing! Heal from the original don’t worry about the other it can and most likely work itself out! Do not I repeat don’t not get an umbilical hernia repair! Help up see how you are going, this forum has the paper people and sheep thar listen and are way far off than ever! It’s swelling cause they most likely went in that way through your belly button, you got what’s fixed be patient don’t make other mistakes like some do! Your going to be okay!

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      Kinda agree with @nfg12

      If it ain’t hurting’, let it go. It’s small and likely won’t cause a problem. You should be able to weightlift and keep it under control. There is no exercise limitation with these hernias.

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      Thanks, Dr. Towfigh. That’s really reassuring! There is pain with pressure or with some exercises (e.g. push-ups). Nothing severe, but it’s noticeable. It does make sense to leave it along for the time being and allow more time for recovery from the previous surgery.

      Thanks @Mike_M and @nfg12 for the useful feedback too.

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