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      Hello all. This is my 1st post. I have been suffering from inguinal and groin discomfort/pain for almost 2 years. Ranging from discomfort to pain depending on activity and sometimes not. I might give to much info, but I am hoping that the more I give…the more someone can help.

      INJURY: On 3/15/2018 I was weight training and felt a light tear or pull in may inguinal/oblique area. It was not dramatic, but I thought to myself “I’ll feel that tomorrow”. I have weight trained for over 20 years, so I thought this to be a pulled muscle and no big deal. I even finished that workout noticing if felt strange but again not extreme. The NEXT DAY, WOW something isn’t right. Pain in the scrotum (right testicle), inguinal area and thigh/groin crease. Initial thought…I have given myself a hernia. When I sat down that day and a week following for a bowl movements, I could feel a ballooning affect when straining or normal. I concluded, yep its a hernia because of the “bubble” feeling.

      DOCTOR #1: Withing a week I went to see Primary Physician. He got me in quick worried about testicular torsion or cancer…etc. He said no sign of hernias or anything visible he says lets get you to a Urologist.
      But 1st lets get a full abdominal ultrasound. Results, all good!
      DOCTOR #2: Urologist does a physical exam, and thinks I am OK. No cancer bumps or anything normal. I visit him twice and press for more testing. Gives CT Scan of pelvis and Scrotal ultrasound. Results, all good.
      DOCTOR #3: I visit gastroenterologist on my own, does a quick scope. Everything normal, two internal hemorrhoids that I am already aware of.
      DOCTOR #4: I tell my Doctor, that I have no bulge and Sports Hernia seems to fit my systems by what I read online. I go to University TN Hernia Center. Doctor unsympathetic to my situation. Quickly order MRI. Results no athletic pubalgia. No visualized hernias. NO CHRONIC PAIN GENERATORS!!!
      Note: Work on Cognitive Pain Therapy….LOL!!!
      DOCTOR #5:Visit Again UT Hernia Center. Basically the MRI is gold standard take NSAIDS and rest. I did 8 weeks, and pain stuck. You might have a trapped nerve but to risky to help.

      My pain levels vary, I am able to work. As if I could quit!! But I had to give up running and extremely altered strength training. Sex can hurt sometimes on right inguinal area also. I am 35 and husband & father of 2 young boys. This father is having trouble being who he should be.


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      It could be one. Typically affects the inguinal floor or the rectus tendon.

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      Could be an inguinal hernia if the imaging is misread and the hernia is small. Symptoms suggest that.

      so you saw what sounds like a hernia specialist. Did they say they looked at the mri themselves? What explains the symptoms?

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      Dr. Towfigh, yes I went to the closest hernia center near me. It is a university hospital. Doctors here do hernia procedures and a lot of bariatric surgery. Saw 1st doctor with an opening in schedule. He was very blunt. And did physical test of the canal. That was very uncomfortable. He believed no structural damage was present. He ordered MRI and did not read himself, just recited the findings page to me. After a couple more months I requested a visit with the Doctor in the same group that had a YouTube video about sports hernias. He was more pleasant to speak with, but did the same. Read the MRI results and talk about taking Ibuprofen and make the best of it. He said I had symptoms of tapped nerve. My feeling was if I could walk into the clinic on my own power and not in excruciating pain, I’ll be ok with proper management.

      My current systems vary depending on activity and strangely my bowl movements. The pains and discomforts alternate which is weird to me. All issues are right side and do not all happen at once. Burning at base of penis, heavy feeling of testicle, aching testicle (like being kicked), tender inguinal area, and very strange crawling feeling moving up/down in inguinal spot. Days with multiple bowl movements leave burning pain in groin. I think due to involvement of Ab muscles helping the act.

      PAIN RELIEF…comes when testicles are up tight to the body. It is INSTANT relief, but temporary because they of course drop back down. I get this relief before going to restroom and while swimming in cold pool. Maybe the cremaster is playing some role?

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      Could be occult inguinal hernia or a sports hernia which involves small tear in the muscle that irritates the nerve.
      If you wish, you can seek online consultation with me. I can read the MRI myself and review your symptoms to help figure out exactly what you have and what to do about it.
      can contact my office for more info.

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      Thanks for helping. I was curious about asking specialists and surgeons across the country if the could help me. Now I know one! This could be a valuable service.

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