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      I have been in pain for almost two months. I got a sharp and sudden pain on my lower left side when I sneezed. I went to workout later that evening and was not able to do anything that involved my abdominal muscles without having the sharp pain. I contacted my OBGYN who ordered an ultrasound to see if I had anything going on with my ovaries or my pelvic area. She also performed a pelvic exam. Everything was normal. I went to my PC who gave me muscle relaxers and treated me for a strained muscle. I wasn’t better so he ordered a CT and it came back without showing anything other than constipation. So he told me to take care of that and all would be well. I did and nothing changed. The pain and tenderness radiates from next to my naval down to my groin area and I have a what looks like a little bulge of fat over the tender area along with what feels like a burning sensation that runs down to my groin. When that bulge is pushed on, I can feel something sliding in and out. It feels like it is sliding sideways into the center of my stomach and doesn’t poke outwards. I consulted my GI dr. She felt around and said I don’t have a hernia because there is nothing poking out and she didn’t make much of the new bulge of soft tissue that popped up. She also had no idea what I was feeling sliding because she couldn’t fee it. She finally ordered a MRI, which I was supposed to have this morning. My insurance didn’t see the need in it since I had a CT and nothing showed so they won’t pay for me to have the MRI without more evidence from my GI dr. At this point, I don’t know what else to do. I tried contacting a group of recommended hernia surgeons here locally but I can’t get an appointment until I have a diagnoses of a hernia. Do I just suck it up and hope that it is a strained muscle that gets better or hope that my GI dr. can convince my insurance that I need a MRI? Any advice would be appreciated.

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      Hi there,
      Any update on how you are doing and diagnostically?

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      I still have no answers. I had an ultrasound but that only checked my liver, kidneys, spleen, and gallbladder. So not sure what the point of that was but I did it. I go back tomorrow for a follow up with my dr about the ultrasound but I’m sure that it’s not going to give me any answers. I still have pain on the left side and the tech doing the ultrasound told me it would not show any issues with my abdominal muscles

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