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      There’s a relatively new study (Jan. 2020) in the Journal of Nutrition, _Multinutrient Supplementation Increases Collagen Synthesis during Early Wound Repair in a Randomized Controlled Trial in Patients with Inguinal Hernia_, that seems to show that taking arginine, glutamine, zinc, and vitamin C can help promote collagen synthesis to help healing after hernia surgery.

      I am thinking about taking these supplements starting two weeks prior to surgery.

      Any docs want to weigh in? Specifically, would there be any downsides to taking the supplements, even if they don’t turn out to help?



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      Anybody out there try anything like this to promote healing?

      I plan to follow the supplement regimen in the study almost exactly, except I will be starting one week prior to surgery instead of two weeks.

      Here are the supplements:
      1. ArgiMent AT powder (contains 14g l-arginine, 14g l-glutamine, 500mg vitamin C, 30mg zinc), twice a day
      2. An additional 750mg vitamin C, once a day
      3. An additional 30mg zinc gluconate, once a day

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      Thunder Rose

      I was concerned with minimizing swelling so I wanted papain and bromelain. I ate a lot of papaya and pineapple the week before and week after surgery, but you can also buy these as supplements. I prefer getting them from the whole foods.

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      – no downsides to taking the supplements around the time of surgery
      – I do recommend bromelain and other anti inflammatory supplements to my patients
      – zinc, vitamin c have already been shown to augment wound healing. No study has been shown they clinically improve outcomes from hernia repair, ie, hernia recurrence. And this study also doesn’t show much. It only shows one of the 3 collagen markers changed. It has no clinical significance.

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      @drtowfigh Thanks for interpreting the study. I didn’t know about bromelain/pineapple for fighting inflammation; I will try it — thanks @thunderrose.

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