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      I have been dealing with severe lower right abdominal pain for 3 weeks. It has been severe enough to have me in and out of the hospital and for over a week they couldn’t find anything wrong. Finally, a tiny, fat containing inguinal hernia was spotted on my 4th (!!!!!!!) CT scan. The doctors have decided that it’s an incidental finding and not the cause of my pain, regardless of the fact that it’s the only thing they have found. The first surgeon I saw didn’t even think I had a hernia, because he couldn’t feel it, and he told me that the pain is in my head… Once I started doing research, I discovered that I’m not alone and that my symptoms make perfect sense. 2 more surgeons have confirmed that I do have a small hernia, but neither thinks needs to be repaired. I’m now looking for a surgeon knowledgeable about occult hernias in women in my area, any suggestions?

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      Surgeon in Cleveland area

      Consider Dr. Ajita Prabhu at Cleveland Clinic

      Occult inguinal hernias can be symptomatic. Pain is not “in your head.” It takes a skilled physician to determine if the small hernia noted correlates with the symptoms you are experiencing.

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      Surgeon in Cleveland area

      I spoke with Dr. G in Cleveland and he has been recommended by other forums.

      I went to the ER not once but twice with severe pain from a small inguinal hernia. Once it was repaired no further pain from it or that location 3 years ago. On quote a top general surgeon did not agree with the Radiologist and recommended no surgery. That was almost 5 years ago. See a hernia specialist like Dr Towfigh.

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