Surgeon in Connecticut (or greater area) that offers mesh and non-mesh?

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      I would love to get the opinion of a surgeon that offers open mesh, open non-mesh, and lap surgeries. I got two opinions, and both were for lap with mesh. they did not offer non-mesh. Currently scheduled in a month for Progrip laparoscopic mesh.
      I know there are risks but I could accept mesh with much less anxiety if I truly got the opinion of someone who did all three and could give me the correct recommendation based on my particular case, not just on what that doctor offered (in my case, male, 41, symptomatic indirect inguinal hernia, egg-sized, had it for 4.5 years).
      I feel like I need “closure” on that possibility before I can get this surgery and really focus on a positive recovery without constantly feeling like I made a mistake. I am going to do some calling but thought I’d ask here as well.

      Dr Towfigh, you mention on your site that you offer pure tissue to some limited cases, given what I mentioned would my case ever be likely to qualify?

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      For an average or above average sized male, Hernia’s on both sides, laparoscopic surgery with mesh is the best bet.

      For a male with only one sided hernia, I would typically offer open with mesh if it were a huge scrotal hernia. I.e., extends down to the scrotum.

      The most common situation I would offer non-mesh repair is in very thin males and small hernias or if there is a clear allergic potential.

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      Does age play a role? Would a younger patient be better suited for suture due to stronger tissues, or just the opposite since they will have to rely on the stitches for many decades?
      How about how long one has had the hernia? Having a hernia for several years, even if it is only medium sized, does this weaken the tissue and raise risk of recurrence vs. someone who recently discovered the hernia and repaired it quickly?

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      Interesting questions, mst3K:

      Several factors play into my decision to offer non-mesh repair and its suitability for the patient. For example, smaller hernias in patients with low risk for recurrence are best suited for suture repair. Their age is often not a primary factor. That said, if they are frail or have a direct hernia, the chances are that they are more likely than average to fail a tissue repair. Also, how long one has had their hernia is not a factor.

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      Does anyone know of a surgeon practicing the [h=3]Shouldice Repair method in CT[/h]

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