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      Hello this is a technical issue regarding the new forum, it is not hernia related. I posted this to another thread comment but figured it was worth posting broadly so that it is seen by the appropriate staff.

      The old forum URLs are not properly redirecting to the new URLs, this applies to all old links currently causing those old links to erroneously return the “Invalid Page URL” error. I can give a specific example where the forum administrator needs to use 301 permanent redirects so that the old links properly direct to the new URL, this is 1 example but this is currently widespread and applies to all old URLs.

      For example, this old link gives an error:…-new-york.html

      It should redirect automatically to this new link, as it is the same post but with a new URL structure:…sland-new-york

      Currently none of the old links tested are redirecting to the new link structures. This is causing all old bookmarks, thread replies, and all inbound searches from Google to not send the user to the proper destination and instead they see an error message.

      According to Google, this is impacting 1400+ URLs from older posts, each of which can be experienced by clicking a link from this site specific search for

      Google has some information about proper 301 redirects after migrations here:…er/93633?hl=en and this may be useful as well…-301-redirect/ and

      Hope this is helpful, pass it along to whoever runs the technical side of the forum.


      Non-geek explanation as to why this matters: patients searching for past forum posts are currently not able to find them through Google, Bing, etc, and any old bookmarks to specific forum threads will not work either.

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      Thanks so much for this. Are al the kinks addressed to your satisfaction? If not, let me know.

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