Two sides hernia- is this the cause for my PFD?

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      Hi everyone,
      I am a 22 years old male from Israel. Two years ago discovered I have inguinal hernia on both sides. I was about to do a surgery, but then I started to have UTI symptoms. I did urinate culture, std tests, sperm test (as doctors told me it might be prostate infection) nothing was found.

      By the time the symptoms got better but I developed difficulty to have bowel movements. When these uti symptoms started I decided to pause the hernia surgery as I wanted to finish that case first. Within the time passed I realized there was never any infection, and to have chronic a-bacterial prostatis in my age is probably rare..

      What could cause these symptoms, and these days causing a chronic constipation is probably pelvic floor dysfunction. After a lot of research I found out that hernia may cause pelvic floor disorders.

      These weakened muscles developed by time, and slowly slowly. It’s a big relief for me to think that the hernia is the source for all of this. What do you experts think? Is that possible? I found this article:

      “How Hernias Can Cause Pelvic Pain”

      And now I’m curious what’s going on. Pelvic floor disorders doesn’t have much known information, it’s rare, it not common, and doctors always suspect constipation is from the gastro system. I feel like it’s muscle-related, I feel like there’s some discoordination with my muscles when I’m trying to place a bowel movement which developed within the time, and I’m wondering perhaps it’s the inguinal hernia causing all of this?

      Would love to hear advices and opinions from you, as well as what physically can happen, perhaps some nerve being pinched, I don’t know. I did a ultrasound back at the days and a physical examination which showed these two sides hernia, if you think any other imaging like mri could benefit and pour some more light on that case let me know too


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      Evaluation by a pelvic floor physical therapist can help determine if you have pelvic floor spasm. These can cause pain, urinary problems, and bowel movement problems. Treatment of the hernias can help cure these problems. Also, some with diastasis recti have constipation issues, as their core is unbalanced and cannot coordinate the muscular contraction that aids in forming a bowel movement.

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