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      I was saddened to see on this website the claim below.

      “Can the mesh be rejected?
      Extensive research has been done and continues to go into Mesh technology. Mesh used to repair hernias is known to be very safe and there is no evidence to suggest that mesh is ever rejected by the body. Mesh can become infected which can necessitate its removal but this is rare.”

      The reality is that there are people that have rejected their mesh. I felt the need to shoot the doc an email with some studies regarding MII (mesh implant illness) one of which was of course performed by Dr. Towfigh. My email wasn’t malicious, and whenever we can spread findings I consider that a small battle won.

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      @Anthony, an interesting find you made. His statement is actually self-contradictory: There’s “… no evidence …that mesh is ever rejected by the body.” Yet in the same breath he says next, there are though rare instances of mesh rejection. At the very least he needs some serious editing. Drugwatch.com reports mesh rejection is 5% to 30%, far from being a rare occurrence. If true, this doctor needs even more to take to heart your email.

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