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      Hey all

      I’ve recently had (5 weeks ago) an umbilical hernia repair – and I’d like to ask some questions regarding my previous activity (weight lifting)

      Most surgeons appear to view heavy lifting/activity as your every day lifting/activity. However, what if you were lifting very heavy weights prior to surgery? When is OK to start light again?

      Is 5 weeks too soon to re-introduce compound movements with an empty 20kg bar? (for example squatting/bench press etc) – and just go through the motions (perhaps adding 5-10kg more each week and progressing up? Or would 8 weeks+ be a minimum starting point?


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      I’d air on side of caution and wait 3 months. You don’t want to mess the repair up. And then go light there and work your way up. I’d maybe think of a alternative to squats as they are wan of the few excecises that cause an increase in intra-abdominal pressure.
      im not a doctor just my opinion..
      there are studies out there that show that the area can take up to a year to be 100% healed.

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