xenematrix mesh overlayed on rectus obdominus scabdominisaring and shrinkage

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      I have had 6 hernia related surgeries. 2 times putting in mesh(same spot), two times taking out mesh(same spot), one time reattaching the muscle to the pubic bone(after it had pulled off the pubic bone), one time trying to recover from the atrophied muscle attached to the pubic bone(after the mesh had been removed) and one time over laying a piece of 4″ by 6 ” xemematrix biological mesh over my rectus abdominis.

      Now my rectus abdominis is shrinking up badly (it has been doing this for about 2 years( All my guts are pushed up tight and at the sametime the muscles are pulled down hard. I am in much pain and lay in a chair all day. This all started after the overlaying the xenematrix. I do not think I can survive this too much longer.

      My question is, what can be done to stop the scaring and shrinking and can anything be done to reverse this?

      I appreciate any and all suggestions.

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      Your situation is complex and some of it doesn’t make sense: e.g., rectus abdominis shrinking. Perhaps best is if you seek a direct consultation with a surgeon who can help you.

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      I live in Salina Kansas. I have seen several surgeons. Do you know someone who could help me? I am desperate.
      The 4″x6″ piece of xenematrix biologic mesh was overlayed on my rectus abdominis muscle to repair the atrophied muscle attached to my pubic bone and to repair the split down the middle of my rectus abdominis. These injuries were the results from the previous surgeries. I have pictures of the shrinkage on my phone. Thank you for your response.

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