• Dr. Belyansky has estimated that the likelihood of recurrence for most of his patients in this situation is somewhere between 5% and 10%. not bad. not as good as the sub-5% for mesh repairs, but as we all know even those can fail. he also told me he doesn’t place any restrictions on his patients after removing mesh and not doing any other repairs…[Read more]

  • I spent a lot of time on forums where hernias aren’t the primary topic of conversation but where they are discussed (weight lifting forums, running forums, etc.) doing some of my own research, and there were many people there that described getting mesh hernia repairs about that long ago and didn’t have any issues. of course, you won’t likely see…[Read more]

  • he means the mesh causes scarring and fibrosis and there was enough scar tissue left after the removal of the actual mesh that there was technically no longer any hernia present. everything was held in by the scar tissue (‘scar plate’) and the growth that occurred after the mesh was inserted. Dr. Belyansky can peel away the mesh and there is…[Read more]

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