• They have installed me ProGrip mesh and that i found is they dont use tacks to fix it. So if they don’t use tacks it can’t  affect  ilioingluinal and iliohypogasric nerves (source: ). Then triple neurectomy is not necessary. Is that source reliable and do I understand it correctly is the question. Is t…[Read more]

  • Is it necessary to have a neurectomy (or maybe triple neurectomy) when removing mesh that is open inserted. Why some say neurectomy  affects motor functions and it’s not only sensory and others say that it is only sensory. Which one is the truth ?

  • Thanks for the replays! Today I was okay with mild pain in the surgery area and I’m still researching mesh removal and possible problems. One thing that comes to mind is the difference between entrapped nerves and just mesh pain and what actually causes the pain in the surgery area. The stiffness of scar tissue and mesh combination? One of the bi…[Read more]

  • @ajm222 Thank you for the great post ! Today was okay and I really hope nothing bad happens further. Is it possible to dislocate the mesh after this long time? My surgeon is categorical that after 3 months it is  impossible to happen. Then why did I have those problems ? He just said that I overloaded myself and to give it a break. Another h…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your reply @ajm222. How are you recently? I have read your topics and saw that you are with progrip as well. The topic about gradually improving in terms of pain after a while is interesting and I hope it is true. What do you think about my problem?  Have you ever experienced anything like that before?

  • The pain I felt was instant in the hip adductors when squatting and then started in the testicles. Initially I had zero pain in the surgery place. That happened approximately 10 days ago. Testicle pain gradually settled to almost non existent but then started pain in the surgery place when bent down for instance. I can describe it as when you have…[Read more]

  • No, I’m from Eastern Europe but from the research that I have done found dr.Muschaweck is one of the best in Europe for removal. Maybe @drbrown or @drtowfigh will have a clue what’s happening. Also is it true that ProGrip micro grips dissolve over time ? Is it harder to remove that type of mesh ? Just as I said I’m not thinking of removal yet and…[Read more]

  • I’m a 23 years old male and have bilateral inguinal hernia repair with open surgery and covidien progrip mesh. The first one was 1 year ago, and the second one 6 months ago.  I have had zero complaints about it until I decided to workout and specifically do squats. Then testicular pain began on both sides.Few days have passed and I feel no pain…[Read more]

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