• Hi,

    In all 3 of my bilateral surgeries ive had general anasthesia however at the shouldice clinic they have a rule of doing local anaesthesia for all hernias unless they have been recurrent twice. So if you’ve had surgery two times before your having to go under general. Thats how they define complicated i guess. Definitely more costly and…[Read more]

  • Hi all,
    Ive used bio hernia to have my first surgery with Dr Koch in germany. The owner of bio hernia is a guy called Naomi who himself had surgery with dr koch and is from Netherlands. There is a lot of dutch patients going to germany for treatment. Lets say a huge market for bio hernia and Dr koch ;). In regards to Dr Muschaweck she has her own…[Read more]

  • @good-intentions i have my surgery report for my right side to show exactly whats been done and what they have seen.

    ‘An oblique right skin insicion was first made avoiding the previous high almost transverse skin scar. The incision was extended through fairly heavy scarring to reach the external oblique aponerousis which was opened in line w…[Read more]

  • Hi all just wanted to update how im feeling and how recovery has been.

    As most are aware here ive had a few issues with my hernias and therefore had surgery at the shouldice at the end of 2018.

    Prior to going to shouldice i had mesh on my right side and this wasnt removed at the shouldice and was used in the repair as if it were muscle as they…[Read more]

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