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  • Thanks all… There are some very intelligent posters on here. Sadly I’m not one of them but I do appreciate the tutoring.

    I’ll confess I had to Google omentum.

    However, curing a Herbie was not me, my phone auto corrected that!

    Anyway, in the light of the answers it does seem as though mesh is a bit of a bodge, yet it’s ‘sold’ as hi tech.

    One…[Read more]

  • Also, why does not simply stitching the hole together not work?

  • I was thinking the other day (yes I do fr time to time sometimes) what they would have done years ago. Knights of the round table etc.

  • It sound too good to be true. And like you, I thought if bandages work, hernia belts should do the same thing.

  • One of the hospitals Martin Kurzer I believe is associated with has some poor reviews. It put me off contacting them about hernia repairs. Maybe not the man himself’s fault. But terminating a call from a patient isn’t good. That it’s a paid for discussion makes it worse!

    The cost of a private (telephone) consultation is quite horrific. I’ve…[Read more]

  • Thanks Eu. I think the mesh can get it in the way but not sure if non mesh similarly makes prostate surgery difficult…

    The problem that can arise if hernia is done before prostate surgery is that the patient can retain urine and can have problems urinating due to anaesthetic effects.

  • Thanks Pinto, I get (slight) urge to urinate before 2 hours is up…but I know its not urgent so can hold it for longer. 3 to 5 hours.

    I did have 2 DRE’s, 1 dr said “slightly enlarged, but not more than I’d expect at your age”. The other Dr said “enlarged, do you want pills”. I declined saying if he is sending me for ultrasound, let’s see what…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone,

    Sorry to be a persistent poster but am at a low ebb. Since discovering my Rh hernia a few weeks ago, I’ve noticed I am urinating very frequently. I get a mild urge almost straight away after voiding but It know I dint need to act. I can hold out for 3 hours (or longer, dont know if that is good or not to do that). Flow is…[Read more]

  • Hello Scarletville,

    Good to hear you are mending well. Hope it continues.

    Do know …

    Which surgeon did the mesh repair and which type of mesh was it?

    Was it NHS or private?

    Good Intentions has a “good” mesh successes thread – maybe if you have time post details there as they may be of use to others.

    Once again glad it’s working out well for you.

  • Although not aimed at me these posts are very useful… And if possible I’d like to avoid surgery but like Spinoza there must come a time when surgery is needed. Unlike Spinoza im not young, I am a couple of months off 60, I’m not in particularly good health… So would an operation be better, from a coping and recovery point, sooner or can I…[Read more]

  • I dont have any answers but hope you get some relief and resolution.

    All I can think of is, it may take time to settle down. Has it improvred at all?

  • Pinto, hopefully there will be some resolution as Dr Kang is following this up now which is good, but a shame it took a time as it must have affected you badly in the interim. Hope all goes well and if you can, could let us know the outcome.

    Hoping it all works out for you

  • Hello Pinto,
    I am in UK yes… So far I have only seen a gp doctor and he has organised an ultrasound which I am waiting on. All he said so far is “nothing serious”.

    I believe you are right though and watch wait is a standard NHS practice.. I’ll probably find out after I get the ultrasound.

  • Apparently someone allegedly healed their Herbie by bandaging it 24 hours a day using a special Patagonia sourced traditional way of tying the bandage.

    I thought I linked to the book yesterday but it may have been deleted for advertising.

    Anyway if you Google hernia cured naturally or Patagonia hernia cure, you might find it.

    It’s almost…[Read more]

  • Could it be a lipoma, Pinto?

  • Hello Jack, another useful answer, thanks very much. My ultrasound is due mid November so I’ll share the result when I get it, most likely end of November. I asked my gp if he was going to arrange ultrasound and he said yes once I asked him.

    You’re absolutely right, all the names and information whirl round in my head and I end up confusing the…[Read more]

  • Thanks again Jack and Alephy. I have self imposed limits on what I do through fear of aggravating it. I do have to exceed these as it’s impractical to avoid everything but I am more careful…
    The worry has caused a slight reduction in weight. But now I’m comfort eating so I’ll try and rein that in.

    I do get slight twangs every now and again but…[Read more]

  • Thanks Herniahelper, I am self limiting what I do through choice as you say I do have to carry as it’s difficult to avoid but I am doing smaller loads.
    Very good replies and very helpful. I think I have some time to make a choice and to see what I am like in a few months time. I have stopped exercises also but carry on walking as worried about…[Read more]

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