• Dr Towfigh:

    Thank you for the advice. It confirms and reinforces my need to do what I can to avoid a plug and patch repair and any other repair that is no longer recommended such as the bilayer Prolene Hernia System. When it comes to medical treatment I am extremely cautious. I had a life altering but not life threatening reaction to a treatment…[Read more]

  • I had a consultation with a General Surgeon to discuss the treatment of my inguinal hernia. The surgeon informed me he will repair the hernia with an open mesh procedure. If it is an indirect hernia he will do a plug and patch repair. If it is a direct hernia he will do an onlay repair without the plug.

    Before the consultation I was aware of the…[Read more]

  • Katherine:

    I have had 2 routine colonoscopies since I was diagnosed with a left sided inguinal hernia. I had some concerns before the second colonoscopy because my hernia was larger. I did not have any complications from the procedures and they did not affect my hernia. For me the procedures were similar to the colonoscopy I had before I…[Read more]

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