• If the mesh is removed laparoscopically and there is a hernia, can it be fixed via open method tissue repair in the same surgery or is that too much for the body to take. Otherwise I guess you would have to walk around with a hernia while waiting to heal up enough for your second surgery
    Also since a Kugel patch goes in via open method but is…[Read more]

  • I am in the same boat but my right side was put in open and is a preperitoneal patch so I think it is best to be removed laparoscopically. I have seen a few doctors recommended by this forum. They would remove the right and replace with a newer lighter weight mesh as well as fix the left side with mesh. All in one operation and doctors seem very…[Read more]

  • I got a kugel patch back in 2003 for a right inguinal hernia. It caused a lot of pain for many years and I looked at having it removed but nobody would consider it back then. I still have a foreign body sensation and it can get irritated again with activity or a lot of bearing down/coughing. I didn’t even know removal was an option until I f…[Read more]

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