• Thanks for responses on this.Just yesterday I started to get sharp shooting pains in my lower ab. It is disabling at times which tells me something is going on. Do i wait and see if it goes away or should I see pain specialists. This is mentally draining and has stopped in my tracks for exercise. Its 4 months now.

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    Thanks for your response. I was feeling alone but talking to someone else about it really helps. Thanks agin. I’ll think I just watch and wait and see if it will go away eventually and if not I will look at intervention.

  • Thanks for this. Im wondering why kind of pain is caused as it seems to be coming from my lower abs not so much from the mesh or scare area.
    i feel bruised like. Could this be nerve pain. I’m looking into nerve injections first before surgery. Have you had any experience with this.

  • open surgery and mesh was used. The surgeon said there was no evidence that keyhole was an easier recovery. Im a little suspicious about that and also he just felt it and it was a little tear and he didnt get me to do an ultrasound. He said it wasn’t necessary. I Just feel like something was not right about the whole thing.

  • Had an operation for direct inguinal hernia was very painful recovery. about 7 weeks in I started to cycle 5km turned into 20km after 3 weeks. Was getting very sore and stopped its been 3 weeks since I last cycled and I had an ultrasound to check if i had done any damage and it all looks fine but I’m still in pain in the abs just above hernia and…[Read more]

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