• Does anyone have any statistics on the percentage in Inguinal hernia patients that have had a chronic or long term allergic reaction to mesh, such as the Bard 3d mesh or a polypropylene mesh? I have heard of an immune inflammatory reaction which can be caused by the mesh. I am worried about the possible inflammation that can occur if I have a…[Read more]

  • Hi MeshOrNot, Can you please tell me what you mean when you said that there have been people “destroyed by desarda and by shouldice”? Please, Please explain.
    I would like to think that there is a backup plan of being able to get a mesh operation if the open desarda or shouldice method fails/Destroys. Thanks for your help as I am quite fearfully…[Read more]

  • I would like to have an open right side Inguinal Hernia repair with (NO) Mesh. If for some reason a few years later the open Hernia repair fails, then is it possible to have a second surgery, but this time the surgery would involve using mesh? I ask this because I need a backup strategy plan for surgery if my first hernia repair fails.

  • What would cause an open non-mesh surgery to fail years later. (Shouldice , Decarda, et alia?). I know of several people who have had colon surgery, with an incision below the belly button of at least two or three inches. Yet the open incision once sowed up after the colon surgery never splits or tears back open? What is so fragile about the flesh…[Read more]

  • Suppose I have an open Shouldice hernia repair and it fails a few year later. If I decided have another hernia surgery, but this time with mesh. Which type of mesh surgery should I have? I want to know what my options are if the open non mesh surgery fails?

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    What would cause a non mesh repair to fail? Meaning Shouldice, or a similar procedure? I had to have abdominal surgery over 10 years ago (Not hernia related). The incision was about 3 to 4 inches long below my naval, yet that incision has never been compromised, or split back open? So why would my abdominal incision being sewed up be any different…[Read more]

  • Raymond posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    If someone has an open surgery with no Mesh, and that surgery fails years later, what would be the next surgery one would have for the reoccurred hernia? Would it be open, mesh, or mesh robotic?

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