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  • Chuck, No name is obviously a very intelligent and we’ll researched poster, but I could see someone new dropping in and reading your post and getting the wrong idea about how dangerous open mesh is. Recently you were saying that you had questioned 70-100 people who had had open mesh with no major problems. So, I was trying to clarify some…[Read more]

  • Very interesting that No Name is Uhoh! It only rang a bell after Good Intention’s post that he was the poster who had the great questions for Dr Kang on what was maybe the best thread ever.

    Kang Repair question

  • I have to ask whether you actually know these people, or are they people that you read about and possibly shared info with on a website? I can’t really see how an open lichtenstein mesh is likely to merge with the colon. The testicle loss could happen, I guess, but I think it’s rare. And someone laying in bed for ten years would also have to have…[Read more]

  • Other than while sleeping, I wear a truss at all times. I think it helps keep it back. I know that it helps to keep it from hurting. The one I use doesn’t keep it totally reduced, but it does keep it from fully popping out. My only worry about the truss is whether it’s pushing the hernia wider as it keeps it from pushing outward. At any rate, I…[Read more]

  • I’ve had my hernia for at least 15 years. Now, I don’t recommend waiting 15 years to get it fixed, but I don’t understand why you think that is a far time out. Does it hurt? It probably isn’t going to cause you to curtail your exercise. I wouldn’t be straining my groin lifting weights in the wrong way, but I don’t think running and walking are…[Read more]

  • Yeah, most open inguinal surgeries are supposedly under an hour. I think the average for a shouldice is around 45 minutes. Lichtenstein is less than shouldice. Kang is less. Still, several of these could add up to a third day.

  • MarkT, While you are correct about projection being a part of my judgment concerning fatigue, I also had in mind this conversation between Dr Towfigh and her guest. I had even summarized this video in its thread. Check out the video at the 57 minute mark.

  • Mark, you are correct that we are projecting somewhat. It really is still the opinion of some of us to be wary according to our own understanding.There is nothing wrong with that. It’s how people make decisions.

    Surgeons are human and they most likely do get fatigued. And surgeons with good reputations are going to probably have more surgeries…[Read more]

  • GI, your original post ended with this question:

    “Why would you avoid somebody who has done hundreds or thousands of the same repair, ten times a day, for years? Doesn’t really make sense.”

    I think I answered your question and gave you one of the reasons why a person might choose to avoid the highest volume surgeons. As such, I don’t see why y…[Read more]

  • I get that experience is very important. But would you rather be operated on by an experienced surgeon of 2000 inguinal surgeries who is fresh and at his/her prime, or a surgeon of 5000 inguinal surgeries who is fatigued? I would choose the 2000 experience with a fresher mind and body.

    I think even learning is more difficult when you are…[Read more]

  • There probably comes a point in the day where fatigue overtakes the diminishing returns of experience. I had thyroid surgery and they would say to choose someone who does at least 50 thyroid surgeries a year and 500 altogether. Beyond that, I assume you’re initially probably getting some benefit, but not as much.

    Meanwhile, thinking about…[Read more]

  • David M replied to the topic Seeking Advice in the forum Hernia Discussion 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    When you say “fairly large”, are you talking golf ball, bigger, tennis ball?

    The problem comes down mostly to there being no consensus here about how to proceed. It probably depends on the individual. Looking broadly at results, it’s hard to come down as one method being preferable. The study stats seem to say that Lap is slightly the best, but…[Read more]

  • Ben,

    Why fix it at all? 1cm by 1 cm sounds quite small, and if it isn’t hurting, why take a chance on doing damage.

    On the other hand, with a hernia that size, a tissue repair is probably more successful. So, there might be a limit to the size for the watchful waiting.

    Have you watched the Desarda video. It seems to depend on a healthy…[Read more]

  • Mark H,

    Not being from England, I have to ask what is a stroppy?

    Did your GP think you didn’t have a choice because tissue repairs don’t exist in England or because your hernia was big? I talked to a surgeon who told me that he can’t tell the difference between indirect or direct on look and examination, but I can’t see how mine is not direct,…[Read more]

  • David M replied to the topic 3.5 Years later in the forum Hernia Discussion 4 weeks ago

    Hello PeterC,

    Sorry to hear things have not gotten better, but good to hear that you are still here. Not that he was a great philosopher, but the words of George Harrison always sort of stand out when I hear travails like yours. He said something like “Expect nothing and everything in life is a bonus.” That’s kind of true.
    I hope that doesn’t…[Read more]

  • I am definitely not someone who knows, but your description sounds like it could be the genitofemoral nerve.

    “I got discomfort, pain, shooting sensation and even some burning in my adductors, testicles, groin onbviously and even higher up (like halfway up towards my belly button).”

  • Totally serious when I say that you have excellent English skills being from Hungary.

    Don’t fume. It won’t help! I don’t know what the effectiveness is, but don’t they have some means of identifying which nerves are being traumatized?

  • I’m also someone with no knowledge of medical, who is here because I have a problem. My problem is different from yours in that I have a very visible hernia, but no pain and have had my hernia for 15 years.

    I think what the doctors are saying makes some sense, in that if you don’t have a hernia and you do the lap, it may not solve your problem.…[Read more]

  • I’m not a doctor, but I feel certain that it is virtually impossible to remove the Shouldice stitches from a posterior approach.

  • William,

    Got to thinkng about the impact of intestines on the hernia. I wonder if bowel movements might feel different to a left sided hernia than a right sided. I assume that most of the “number 2” accumulates on the left side before being passed. My hernia is right side and I dont usually notice excretion making that much difference. There are…[Read more]

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